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How to buy a cost-effective fully automatic baler?
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    • How to buy a cost-effective fully automatic baler? For more information: Miss Chen

      Enter the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" to realize the grand development of the "Belt and Road" and drive domestic economic development. Because of this, Elite Packers can continue to provide good packaging solutions for the majority of enterprises. Today Elite Packaging Machinery will tell you how to buy a cost-effective baler.

      In today's market, there are many classifications of balers, and each one has a unique advantage. Therefore, when many companies make purchases, they do not know how to start, and for various reasons, they cannot choose packaging equipment that is truly suitable for the development of their own enterprises. No matter it is an advanced fully automatic baler or an ordinary baler, there will be outstanding advantages. Therefore, no matter how you choose, you must adhere to the principle of meeting the needs of your own development.

      Every manufacturer needs a set of stable and product packaging lines, and the packing machine in the packaging line is an indispensable part, and it is also a packaging machinery with the highest degree of mechanical complexity. How to choose a packer suitable for your product characteristics will help the product to be more complete and safer from the factory. During transportation and handling, it will protect the appearance and safety of the product to the greatest extent. Elite Machinery will briefly introduce the knowledge of choosing the right baler for you. Hope everyone can buy the right baler

      There are generally three types of balers in the market: semi-automatic balers and fully automatic balers, and unmanned balers. Through the literal analysis, we can see the working efficiency of each type of packer.

      First of all, if you have a small number of product packages and no more than 50 packages per day, you can choose to buy a semi-automatic packer, which has a lower price and is easy to operate. Only 1-2 people can complete the product packaging. However, it is necessary to manually unload the material and wear a packing belt to pack it.

      Secondly, if you need to pack a large amount of products, and the workshop space is not large, or several packaging locations, you can choose a fully automatic baler, which is more efficient than a semi-automatic baler (can complete 4 semi-automatic packers at the same time) The working efficiency of the baler), the quality is stable, only manual feeding and pressing the packing switch can complete the packing (the packing method can be switched by the switch: singles, continuous playing), the baler automatically completes wearing the packing belt, storing the packing belt, Packaging. It takes one person to complete the work.

      After that, it is an unmanned baler. As the name implies, it frees labor and does not require personnel. It completely depends on the induction photoelectric and PLC setting procedures on the baler to complete the packaging. This baler is suitable for connecting with the power assembly line. The product is delivered to the range of the baler through the power assembly line. After recognition by the photoelectric switch, it can automatically complete one or more packs. In special cases, you can also switch to manual control through the switch provided with the packer to perform manual packing, which is suitable for manufacturers with a higher degree of automation.

      It is also very important that when selecting a satisfactory baler, you should also pay attention to the selection of the baler manufacturer. When choosing a baler manufacturing company, try to find a production-type manufacturer or a factory-appointed office, because the technical expertise and level of the manufacturer are unmatched by other regional agents. Many cities or regions do not have a manufacturer. Then you can find it through the Internet or a friend's introduction. Through telephone communication and the process of designing a solution, you can understand the scale and professional level of the supplier.

      The mechanical structure of the packer is relatively complicated. Selecting a packer with mature technology and stable quality can reduce the loss of the strap, reduce the consumption of manpower and electricity, and make your product achieve the desired effect in the packaging process. If you choose a packer with poor quality and backward technology, after long-term use, you will find that too many straps are wasted, which will multiply the time of repair and maintenance and cause you losses. A good packer manufacturer will have good after-sales service, and will have different effects in replacing mechanically consumable parts and troubleshooting.

      The semi-automatic baler, fully automatic baler and unmanned baler produced by Elida can also customize various suitable non-standard balers according to product characteristics. The balers are easy to operate and safe to use. In addition, in order to highlight the working effect of the Elite baler, Elida specially produced a packing belt that matches the baler, which can reduce the working efficiency of the baler. Elida Machinery hopes that everyone can buy a baler that suits them to fulfill their dream of development.

      How to buy a cost-effective fully automatic baler?

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