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How to use the tape box sealing machine accessories provided by Elida manufacturers
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    • [依 利达 ELIDA] Full-automatic box sealing machine has a lot of performance potential, has been greatly applied in the logistics industry, and brings a personal and convenient experience to logistics. The equipment uses high-strength cutting blades, which have good durability and long life. It also has the potential to tighten the machine without skidding during the packing process.

      How to use the tape box sealing machine accessories provided by Elida Manufacturers Please contact: Miss Chen

      The method of using the automatic box sealer is not known to everyone. When using it, bend the left end first, and then insert the packing buckle. Then fold the left fixing rod into the automatic carton sealer and tighten it. Next, hold the automatic carton sealer right to bypass the package, bend the right side of the automatic carton sealer into the packing buckle, and fold the left side fixed into the automatic Inside the carton sealing machine accessories, fix the left hand automatic carton sealing machine accessories and right hand tightly.
      1. The automatic box sealing machine has a small elongation rate and strong tension, which can pack objects without slackening.
      2. Automatic box sealing machine parts have strong tensile strength, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, light weight and beautiful appearance.
      3. Use automatic box sealer accessories to pack items, don't worry about being damaged during transportation.
      4. When using accessories for automatic carton sealers, pay attention to the selection of belts, and choose the automatic carton sealer accessories suitable for your own use.

      The development of the automatic sealing machine parts industry, more and more companies have to accumulate the technical progress and perfect functions of automatic sealing machine parts in order to enhance competitiveness and allow the enterprise to continue to develop, so this great promotion The rapid improvement of the overall level of automatic box sealer accessories.

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