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Things to keep in mind when choosing a small character inkjet printer in Guangzhou
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    • In order to meet the needs of our customers, the printer will be improved. No external air source, no thinner, no noise, no irritating odor, no pollution to the environment, and the printing speed does not change due to the number of lines. Dual-use, stable performance, easy maintenance, humanized and beautiful appearance design, make the operation seem easy and free.

      Things to keep in mind when choosing a small character inkjet printer in Guangzhou For more information: Miss Chen

      As the small character inkjet printer is one of the most widely used models in our production, here, [Elida ELIDA] inkjet mainly introduces what problems should be paid attention to during the use of small character inkjet printer consumables. Business users using printers can be of some help.

      1. We all know that when choosing the consumables of the printer, we must ensure that we choose the original consumables. Because the ink composition of different brands of printers is different, the applicable models and equipment are also different. If you choose to replace consumables, it will affect the quality of the printer and the life of the printer. For enterprise users, the production cost is certain The degree is increasing, and the use of alternative consumables is more than worth it.

      2. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the printer's ink, solvent and cleaning agent. Generally, there are obvious signs on the packaging of consumables. The shelf life of the printer consumables is about 1-2 years, so when purchasing consumables, you must ensure that the printer consumables are used up within the valid period.

      3. In daily use, pay attention to the addition of ink and solvent to the printer to ensure the stable and normal operation of the equipment. If a machine alarm occurs, the corresponding consumables must be added in time.

      4. In our daily production, equipment deactivation sometimes occurs. If the equipment is deactivated for a long time, we must clean up the ink in the printer's pipeline in time to ensure the cleanliness of the printer's components.

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