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Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine is already an essential device
  • Release date: 2019-01-14 Views: 470
    • Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine is widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. Due to the requirements of various working conditions, the variety of shrink machines is huge. China's shrinking machine manufacturing industry is huge, with thousands of shrinking machine manufacturers spreading all over the country. At present, China has become one of the countries with large global shrinking machine production and market demand. However, most of China's Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine industries are small and medium-sized enterprises, with good and bad, with less than 10 annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan. Even when compared with other domestic machinery industries, there is still a large gap in terms of equipment and technology. There are few units with independent research and development product capabilities. Therefore, in major petrochemical, nuclear power, and long-distance oil and gas pipelines and other major engineering projects, the supporting heat shrinkable film packaging machine is mainly imported.
      Heat shrink film packaging machine companies attach great importance to the development of new products. It should be noted that the development of China's Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine industry to this day, although there is still a gap with the international advanced level, but has passed the stage of simply copying and absorbing. Looking for further development of technical methods, while analyzing and drawing on advanced foreign products, we should comprehensively analyze and think about the development trend of heat shrinkable film packaging machine technology and the trend of product development from a deeper level, and strive to develop independent intellectual property rights. New product.
      With the continuous improvement of living standards, Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine is already an indispensable device, so how should I maintain it when using a vacuum packer? Today I will come to you for details about what is the maintenance method of vacuum packaging machine!
      1. Under normal circumstances, the oil in the vacuum pump should be bright and clear, and there should be no blistering or turbidity. After the oil has precipitated at rest, there is a milky substance that cannot disappear, which indicates that foreign objects have entered the vacuum pump oil and need to be replaced with new oil in time.
      2. Personnel using vacuum packer equipment need to check the oil level and observe the oil color once a week. If the oil level is below the "MIN" mark, refueling is required. Do not go above the "MAX" mark. If too much condensate dilutes the oil in the vacuum pump, you need to replace all of it. If necessary, replace the gas ballast valve.
      3. The operator needs to check the intake filter and exhaust filter of the vacuum packer once a month.
      4. After half a year of use, the equipment should clean the dust and dirt in the pump cavity of the vacuum pump, and clean the hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille and cooling fins of the fan. Note: Use compressed air for cleaning.
      5. When using a vacuum packer, you need to replace the exhaust filter once a year, clean or replace the recent filter, and use compressed air for cleaning.
      6. Every 500-2000 hours of operation of Shenzhen heat shrink packaging machine equipment, the vacuum pump oil and oil filter need to be replaced.
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