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Yilida Shenzhen Office is affiliated to Foshan Chancheng Yilida Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a complete factory automated packaging line solution provider! It is a professional packer supplier, carton sealer manufacturer, inkjet printer wholesaler, heat shrink packaging machine distributor, vacuum packaging machine company in the Pearl River Delta region. It has a complete range and is suitable for packaging and packaging in various industries. Professional research and development of various packaging machinery / unpacking / boxing / sealing / packing / labeling / coding / bagging / heat shrinking / filling filling / vacuum / sealing / capping / robot palletizing / winding equipment and packaging materials Wait. Survive by quality, develop by service. And with its large scale, strong technical force, complete types, specialized services, it has won the title of "Packaging the World" brand. There are more than a dozen exhibition halls / representative offices in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China. Take the lead in passing ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification in the industry.

Elite has the following divisions: Baler Division, Sealer Division, Sealer Division, PET Baler Division, Steel Belt Baler Division, Winding Machine Division, Nylon Rope Banding Machine Division, Vacuum Packaging Machine Division Department, Heat Shrinking Machine Division, Inkjet Printer Division, Coder Division ...

敝 The company's products are sold at home and abroad, and have been adopted by some well-known units. Successful cases: COFCO, Midea Group, China Shipping Group, Gree Air Conditioning, Artus, Leye Music Equipment, Huibo Robot, Cangsong Machinery, Huaxing Thermal Insulation Utensils, Huaxin Color Printing, Walman Sanitary Ware, Hualian Xiwa, Ouhui Elevator Accessories, Hopewell Construction Hardware, Yuli Metal Products, Jinxin New Energy, Jiancheng Hi-Tech, China Post, Foshan Post, Shenzhen Post , Huizhou Post Office, Shantou Post, Shaoguan Post, Jiangmen Post, Zhaoqing Post, Meizhou Post Office, Xinxing County Post, Yunfu Post, Xuanwei Post of Yunnan Province, Xinjiang Post, Liangshan Post of Sichuan Province, Wuhu Post of Anhui Province , Beijing Post, Jiangsu Changzhou Post, Guangxi Baise Airport, Iida Rubber & Plastics, Hengyi Environmental Building Materials, Guangdong Xinhui Aluminum Products, Yijian Ceramics, Zhejiang Yiri Pneumatic Technology, Southeast Hardware Appliances, York Guangzhou Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipment, Guangzhou Audi poetry audio, Jinwang Plastic, Dongguan Jiancheng Electronics, Green Snow Bioengineering, Shenzhen Rikai Automation, Dongguan Lan Grams of furniture, Zhiyuan Plastic, Kelon, Galanz, Shuangyu Group, Foshan Lighting, Haitian Soy Sauce, Vinda Paper, China Railway Express, Panasonic, Oupai Kitchenware, Wuyang-Honda, Apollo Ice Cream, Guangzhou TCL Digital, Lufthansa (China), An'an Cosmetics, ThyssenKrupp Chinese Laser Welding, Guangdong Snowlight Optoelectronics Technology, Guangzhou Seagull Sanitary, Ping An Fire, Taiao Aluminum, Xingfa Aluminum, Yunnan Baiyao, Foshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangdong Union Plastic municipal engineering pipeline, Foshan Shengfang (Union), Xinhui CIMC Group, Xikai Mobile Communication Equipment, Xingpu Steel, Huaguan Steel, Xinkedi Ceramics, Huihua Ceramics, Ouya Ceramics, Jiaying Ceramics, Shenghui Ceramics, Shimanli Ceramics, Huibang Ceramics, Mitsui Products, Nature Steel, ABB High Voltage Motors, Linqing Hongji Group, Heshan Baoshi Textile, Chaozhou Hongze Group, Liaoning North Steel Pipe, Shandong Shengli Steel Pipe, Sinosteel Group (Anshan Thermal Energy), Tangshan Source Metals, Zhejiang Haitong Steel, Beijing Aerospace Star, Xi'an Aerospace Power, Changzhou Jinyuan Copper, Henan Kaikai Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Senpu ......

What if you have a problem with packaging? Have any special needs? We can all design for you!
Yilida promises: use yi flow equipment, with yi flow quality and service, so that users get high-quality products and satisfactory after-sales service. All employees of Elida Company are always waiting for your good news and sincerely serve you!

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